The Quick Care Clinic closed permanently Sept. 5, 2023. This occurred to optimize virtual care options. Acute appointments are available daily across the Department of Primary Care. Please request appointments, medications or questions through the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal. You may also contact the call center at 762-408-2273.

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To provide care for normal spontaneous vaginal delivery, operative vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery patients, their newborns, high-risk antepartum patients, and gynecological patients requiring hospitalization.  We specialize in delivering safe, comprehensive, quality care and quality caring to the mother, infant, and family.


The Martin Army Community Hospital Mother Baby Unit features 14 private inpatient rooms. The rooming-in of mothers and infants facilitates bonding and breastfeeding during this exciting time. Our nursery is available and staffed to handle any immediate or emergent needs that may present at delivery and functions as an infant treatment room.

Our team consists of OB/GYN, Pediatricians, Family Practice Providers, Midwives, Anesthesia Providers and Nursing Staff all working together to deliver high-quality collaborative health care to your and your family.

Infant Safety/Security

We take the safety and wellbeing for the infants we care for on the Mother Baby Unit very seriously, and utilize an all-hands approach to protect the infants under our care. We perform background checks on all staff members who provide care to our infants, provide education for our parents, conduct on-going training for our staff, ensure staff badges are easily identifiable, maintain unit-wide security monitors, and utilize an infant ID/tag system. Infants are not permitted to leave the unit unless accompanied by a parent/support person or appropriately identified personnel/staff member. During your stay you will receive detailed instructions and constant support to help you remain alert to potential abductors.

What to Expect the Day of Discharge

The time you are discharged will depend on the orders given by your obstetrician and your baby’s pediatrician. The average length of stay after delivery, without complications, is 48 hours, depending on the time of birth. Many patients will stay 24 hours but you are welcome to stay 48 hours after a vaginal delivery and up to 96 hours for a cesarean delivery. Discharge medications will be available at the time of discharge from your primary nurse.. Active-duty servicemember will leave the unit with convalescent leave documentation, however you will need to ensure your command receives your leave paperwork. You will be allowed to walk off the unit if you feel comfortable, or a wheelchair can be provided to assist you. Please bring your car seat to your room to transport the baby out of the hospital.


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Mother Baby Unit


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6600 Van Aalst Blvd
Bldg 9250
5th Floor, Hospital Tower

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